Coach profile – Cheung Chi Ho

You are welcome to take the initiative to get to know me, the coach of “The Coaching Dot”. My name is Cheung Chi Ho. I like to be called “Hao Zai” or “Ah Jack”. Although I can’t introduce myself by voice, I still hope to use simple words to bring you a face-to-face feeling.


At the beginning, I hope I can tell you about me and understand my shortcomings first. I am a brain cancer survivor, a severely visually impaired person and a mildly hearing impaired person. As well as a tertiary student who choose to drop out at the time. I choose to confess at this moment, not for “feeling sympathizing,” but to make people who want to know me know me better. Because of these experiences, I used to seek for empathy, but since I chose to embark on the path of life coaching, my life has also changed! My academic qualifications maybe low, but my life experience is definitely more than that of ordinary people. I am also willing to listen to other people’s stories, because your stories are the driving force behind my progress! Knowing your own shortcomings, you can find a way to improve it. This is one of my life attitudes! As long as you have requirements for life, I may be able to become your life coach and talk about life with you!


From now on, I want to tell you that my coaching style is based on “feeling”. During our coaching process, you will find that there is a lot of room for expressing yourself, because I like listening to your stories. According to your story, I will ask appropriate questions. I hope that while walking with you, it will turn into your mirror, allowing you to examine yourself, to clear your thinking, and to know what hinders you the most and know what is needed to be inspired! Feeling the state of everyone at the moment will allow us to discover who we are, find what we need most, and even create new possibilities! This is Open Mind, Open Heart, Open New! It’s my expectation to treat each other with sincerity. I don’t mind your criticism because of dissatisfaction, because I am not afraid of failure. Today I am also from a lot of failures. As long as we are sincere and facing each other, between us the coaching will not fail.


Now, I have studied coaching for more than three years , and I have done coaching for more than 200 hours. Of course, these numbers will continue to increase because these numbers are proof of my experience. I am now an IAC Certified Masteries Coach (CMC), this title is not easy to come by, because of more than three years of coaching experience , I can grow and succeed today and I hope to go further and higher and become an MMC (Master Coach) one day in the future. I Love this job and I hope you are the object of one of my colleagues!


Because of my past experience of illness and the experience of being a coach for more than three years, I won the honor of “Hong Kong’s Top Ten Rebirth Warriors” in November 2018. Because of this enthusiasm, I want to walk with more people. I hope You can walk with me who have seen my file!


In addition to coaching work, I will also add coaching elements to the speech, hoping to use my “leftover” to influence more people, and hope that the audience will be inspired after listening and laughing.



  • Selected as one of the top ten regeneration warriors in 2018