Coach profile – Kwong Chung On

I am a life coach and family coach who loves life. Be good at insight into the thoughts and feelings of the coach, examine the environment in which he is in a creative vision, and be able to ask questions appropriately, so that the coach can turn his beliefs into a concrete action plan.


On the road to creation due to visual impairment


In Form 2, I was diagnosed with glaucoma; more than 10 years later, only 10% of his vision remained. However, with the encouragement of my friends, in 2005, when I was unemployed, I published my first novel “When the Forgotten Encounters” to share the mental journey of facing patients. In the same year, I was invited to become a columnist for “am730”, in “Perspectives” 》The column has been written so far, using concise and powerful words to bring out positive messages; in order to pursue the dream of writing and break the established image of the visually impaired, I wrote a plan and successfully won the “A Wonderful Life of the Hong Kong Association for the Blind” ‧Sponsored by the “Dream Come True Project”, in 2009, the interview and publication project was launched. Among them, the visually impaired I interviewed 6 different organizations (such as theater troupes, volunteer groups, etc.) to promote the idea of ​​adhering to dreams.


For more than a year, from contact interviews, contact with publishing houses, and even media promotion, I have also done my own work and can complete the work on time.


In 2011, he launched a collection of essays and interviews “The Darkness Can See”, and was interviewed by many media. Among them, “Hong Kong Economic Journal” even invited me to write a column “Looking at the World with Another Eye”.


At the beginning of 13 years, the essay collection “Hearing the Brilliance of Life” was launched. By breaking through the arrangement of publishing houses, from 14 to 16 years, he gave lectures on writing in 10 primary and secondary schools (*see Appendix 1 for details). At the same time, he also shared the experience of becoming a writer beyond the limitation of eyesight. Today, young people are faced with many challenges and therefore feel anxious and confused. My story can encourage them to learn to overcome difficulties and pursue their dreams, starting from understanding their own characteristics and limitations.


On the road of “chasing dreams”, I realized: “Everyone has potential, and everything also has opportunities!” With a positive attitude and open mind, I am eager to explore my potential with the coached person through dialogue and establish Specific and feasible goals towards sustainable growth;


Pursue excellence from the heart


I was able to break through the limitation of the visually impaired and became a writer, so I was elected as the “Top Ten Rebirth Warriors” of the Hong Kong Rebirth Association (06 years) and the “Working Talents” of Hong Kong Rehabilitation Forces (11 years), in recognition of my active “resistance” “experience of.


Faced with limited vision, I also lost the motivation to pursue my ideals and even reduced contact with relatives and friends.


But grateful, when the mood is down, my family never forces me to participate in any activities, but allows me to choose freely. So, I took different personal growth courses to learn to accept myself and try to deal with my inner troubles. Slowly, I let go of my spiritual baggage and set off again, active in activities such as creation, performance and volunteer work (see my website for details).


In the process, I realized that mental health is the cornerstone of joy and success. Therefore, I am determined to use life to influence lives, so that more people’s hearts can be released, and then I can exert myself and influence others.


At the same time, I also realize that family acceptance and support are also very important in personal growth. Therefore, I am eager to engage in parent-related work, so that parents can see their roles clearly, discover the skills of communicating with their children, and then find effective ways to grow together.


In 10 years, I began to teach communication skills, emotional management, and other courses (see Appendix 3 for details). Through simple exercises such as viewing, gratitude, and belief rewriting, participants can easily let go of negative emotions and master the skills to deal with conflicts, and then build good relationships with others.


As a mentor, I am good at listening deeply and can interact on the spot. Therefore, most participants felt respected and then dared to open their hearts and share in-depth. Dare to share is the first step in life breakthrough!


Seeing the participants learn and grow, I really feel satisfied and happy. In this way, I am more convinced of my mission: to give people spiritual health.


Because of this mission, I started to study coaching. From 15 to 2016, I studied the “IAC Coaching Nine Essentials Courses” compiled by the “International Association of Coaching”. The class hours are 50 hours, the tutors provide 10 hours of individual instruction and 40 hours of internship. Among them, Through telephone and coaching café interviews, I have conducted coaching with incumbents, students, and other professional coaches in various industries. Most of the coaches pointed out that I can listen carefully and actively and discover their limitations, And can ask them appropriately to induce them to discover their potential and make specific plans. This is exactly in line with my Strength Finder test results-my strengths include: thinking, association and achievement. Therefore, in the coaching dialogue, I am willing to focus on the moment, carefully analyze the situation of the coached person, and induce the other party to find specific and feasible methods.


Today, I am determined to integrate the coaching mentality into my life so that I can become an excellent coach. With a positive attitude, listen to each person being coached openly and patiently so that they can discover themselves deeply and write their own touching stories by hand.


Education :

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2002