Coach profile – Simon Lam

A Life & Career Coach. Simon firmly believes that the mutual infection and appreciation between “people” and “people” can bring infinite positive energy and possibilities to each different “life”. With his professional knowledge, rich work experience, extraordinary life experience, enthusiasm, Simon sincerely invites “you” to plan for a better future, while enjoying the present, so as to make “you” different in life and career. A breakthrough was made at the stage of “you”; to give full play to the positive energy of “you” to fulfill life mission and experience life value.


Before becoming a life and career coach, Simon worked in different industries for more than 25 years, from the grassroots to the management; especially from 1994 to 2009, he served as the head of the Asian branch of a multinational company, leading the company team and successfully developing the Greater China region and Different emerging markets in Asia have repeatedly achieved good results. At the end of 2009, Simon was blind due to a genetic eye disease. The support of his family made him face this major challenge in his life. After that, he slowly transformed to participate in public education and advocated social integration. During this period of time, his family and his new job gave Simon a deeper understanding of how people infect each other and appreciate each other, which also made him continue to explore in this direction.


In 2015, Simon was fortunate to start learning “Coaching (Coaching)” with a group of dedicated professional coaches and completed the “IAC Coaching Nine Essentials Courses” compiled by the “International Association of Coaching” (IAC 9 Masteries Coaching Program)” and more than 100 hours of internship, created a new milestone in his career development.


Simon loves coaching”, because professional coaching can help trainees to inspire thinking by understanding their current situation and expectations, discover blind spots, identify potentials and possibilities, and guide themselves to break through limitations and achieve success. This is implementing Simon’s concept of mutual infection and appreciation between people, and is in line with the development direction of his career.


In order to promote the culture of “coaching”, a group of professional coaches organized a constant promotion activity “Coaching Caf” to provide participants with coaching guidance. Simon is also a member, and many participants have become his friends. Some even become his customers at the same time.


Recently, Simon participated in an on-the-job training program called “DE Empower”, which is specially designed for people with disabilities with a tertiary degree. Simon volunteers to serve as a mentor for the students and walk with the students. Enlighten them on how to use their strengths to match the effectiveness of their work; lead them to consciously remove psychological barriers, break through restrictions, integrate into the work team with confidence, and welcome the recognition of them in the workplace.


Simon continues to write a wonderful life for himself, and has the belief that his own life will infect the lives of others. The energy comes from his conscientious, persevering and studious attitude, coupled with forward-looking and innovative thinking, and the affinity to build trust with others. These are all hidden values ​​in Simon’s life. He hopes to share with “you” through coaching, so that his life and “you” life can be infected with each other.


Education and professional qualifications:

  • IAC 9 Masteries Coach (IAC 9 Masteries Coach)
  • Master of Marketing Management, Macquarie University-Australia
  • Chartered Marketer, Chartered Institute of Marketing-UK (Chartered Marketer, Chartered Institute of Marketing-UK)
  • Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing – UK