Internship Development Program

[THECOACHINGDOT Social Enterprise Intern Recruitment Plan]


In 2021, our social enterprise will enter another stage of development. We have set up an intern program this year and are establishing an intern team (about 8-10 people have now been recruited). On the one hand, this program allows young people in school (secondary 4 to university) to accumulate a little work experience and skills in their spare time, learn the skills of interpersonal communication and teamwork in the workplace, and experience real working life. I hope they can before they join society. , Give yourself a little practical training. On the other hand, they can use our social enterprise platform to implement some of their ideas, contribute to society, promote meaningful work, and participate in solving some issues in society. Furthermore, by participating in different work plans, you can explore your own strengths, give full play to your personal potential and interests, and find a direction for your future life.

Since our social enterprise business is mainly based on coaching, our internship program also attaches great importance to the development of participants’ personal potential. Interns will receive relevant work skills training and experience in social enterprises. Work tasks are completed under the guidance of colleagues, hoping to achieve a win-win result for both parties through this plan.

If you have a friend’s child who is interested in this aspect, please refer them to Social Career to open an account and register at We will arrange a phone interview with him, thank you!

Related projects that interns will come into contact with include: (depending on the ability, interest, and degree of participation of the participants)

1) Marketing Program Design and Implementation

2) Social Media Management

3) Fund Raising and Proposal Writing (Fund Raising and Proposal Writing)

4) Training Program and Product Design (Training Program and Product Design)

5) Project Research and Study (Project Research and Study)

6) Internal and External Communication (Internal & External)

7) Elevator Pitch Writing (Elevator Pitch Writing)

8) Event Management and Project Management (Event Management and Project Management)

9) Business Development of Social Career (Business Development of Social Career)

10) Information Technology Project Development (eg: Web Design), Software application) IT Project development (eg website design, software app application)

11) Peer’s Learning Projects (Interns as a Coach)

This interns career development program is designed for students who are aspiring to equip themselves, give play to themselves, contribute to society, and lay a solid foundation in the future. This is a great opportunity to learn from actual combat, get to know yourself, improve yourself, and broaden your horizons. If you agree with us, you are welcome to join us!