Social Enterprise Development History

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In 2015, we established a social enterprise (Talent Innovation) under the Social Innovation Program of the Social Innovation Fund (SIE). We are a social enterprise established by professional coaches, committed to developing people’s potential, exploring their possibilities, and promoting the integration of the disabled and the able-bodied. We believe that even if the human body is restricted for some reason, their life should never be restricted for this reason. Since the establishment of the social enterprise, a group of visually impaired people who love life has been coached and been taught to become professional life coaches. Now, they are not only a professional coach, but also a life fighter. Through what they have learned and their own life experience, they use their lives to influence lives. They provide coaching services, motivational lectures, and life education for different institutions, schools and social groups in Hong Kong. Education and corporate training have received overwhelming response…

They have been trained to become an internationally certified professional coach
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